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        Unique Names

        Unique names in the United States may be imports from other cultures, forgotten names from history, or newly invented names, which include nature, word, and place names used for babies.

        Unique names may also cross gender boundaries, with many unique names used for both baby girls and baby boys.

        Nameberry considers unique names to be those outside the Top 1000, although totally unique names are those given to five or fewer babies in a given year. Search and read about unique baby names below.

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        Best Unique Baby Names

        It may feel impossible to find a baby name that is stylish, practical, and no one is using, but trust us, these names do exist. Historical archives, international popularity charts, and even the dictionary offer hidden gems of baby names.

        These are some of our favorite highly unique baby names, each given to 25 or fewer babies in 2018.

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        Unique Nature Names

        Nature is a great place to look if you are in search of unique baby names. Flora and fauna, water, and natural formations can all spark ideas for your child’s name. For the adventurous parent, a nature name off the beaten path could be worth exploring.

        Here are some unique name-worthy options that come from nature.

        Unique Place Names

        Place names are a hot category for baby names right now, with choices like Savannah, Brooklyn, and Austin all making the Top 100. But if you look a bit further down the map, you’ll find plenty of uncharted baby names.

        These 30 unique place names were given to 25 or fewer babies last year, meaning your child is practically guaranteed to be the only Cyprus or Louisiana in his or her Kindergarten class.