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        Nameberry Pregnancy 101: Your week by week guide

        by Emma Waterhouse/Nameberry

        All aboard the emotional rollercoaster!

        Whether you’re newly pregnant or trying to conceive, the next nine months are going to be a whirlwind ride! Along with heightened emotions, physical exhaustion and an ever-expanding baby bump, you can expect a rush of unsolicited comments, opinions and advice on everything from pelvic floor exercises and pain relief to breastfeeding and baby names. Better buckle up!

        Don’t get us wrong: pregnancy is, without doubt, one of the most miraculous things you’ll ever experience. But with your body — and your life! — changing rapidly before your eyes, the jumble of information suddenly flying at you from every angle can quickly seem overwhelming.

        With this in mind, we’ve put together this super easy-to-digest guide to having a happy and healthy pregnancy, plus (of course) a top tip or two from the experts on choosing the perfect name for your little one at the end of it all. Pregnancy does have its perks, too!

        Weeks 1-4: From TTC to BFP

        Weeks 5-8: Reality Bites

        Weeks 9-12: Scans, Screening and Sharing Your News

        Weeks 13-16: Welcome to the Second Trimester!

        Weeks 17-20: Blue, Pink, or Green?

        Weeks 21-24: Perfect Prep

        Weeks 25-28: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

        Weeks 29-32: The Third Trimester Is Here!

        Weeks 33-36: The Home Stretch

        Weeks 37-42: Hello, World!

        The Fourth Trimester

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