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        Celestial Baby Names: 20 Names That Mean Star

        By Emma Waterhouse

        Celestial baby names are flying high right now, with the likes of Luna and Stella already firm starbaby favorites — used by the likes of Matt Damon, Ellen Pompeo, Uma Thurman, and more recently Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

        And it’s not just celebrity parents who are looking to the stars for baby name inspiration: fresher celestial choices like Lyra, Nova and Orion have also been shooting up the charts in recent years, as parents look further afield for novel nature-inspired names.

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        New Celebrity Baby Names

        By Clare Green

        This week’s news includes new celebrity baby names, a family with 10 boys, zingy Z names, and more Nigels than you’ve ever seen before!

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        by Linda Rosenkrantz

        International baby names can go a long way towards reinvigorating classic English versions. They can often add freshness, energy, romanticism, quirkiness, individuality and surprise to a name that has gone somewhat colorless after centuries of widespread use.

        I was reminded of this by a terrific thread on our forums, one that was started recently by Berry ‘msbuntain’.? What follows are some of the great examples contributed by Berries on that thread, as well as some of my own favorite substitutes. (Not that we don’t love classics too!).

        We’d really like to hear about the names that you like an international version of better than the standard English language one, so let us know in the comments!

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        Unique U-Names for Babies

        by Linda Rosenkrantz

        I know. There aren’t many people searching for a U name.? But wait—before you skip from the T’s of Thea and Theo to the V’s of Violet and Viggo, pause for a moment and consider these unique U-name possibilities, from the storied Ulysses to the virtuous Unity. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re seeking a word name, or a biblical, ancient, color or an international option.

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        Scandinavian Boy Names: A Hot New Trend

        by Linda Rosenkrantz

        Scandinavian boy names—except for Eric—have not had a great track record in the US. But change is definitely in the air.

        Thanks to the confluence of some media celebrities and starbabies (Will Ferrell and his Swedish wife Vivica Paulin alone have three sons with Scandinavian names), literary sensations, etc, there’s some definite Nordic noise happening. Some of these Scandinavian boy names have already registered on the national list and some have only resonated with Nameberries so far. Here are some Nordic names to watch.

        SCANDINAVIAN BOY NAMES: What’s hot now

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